Superior Quality Hydraulic Breaker Seal Kits for Efficient Machinery Repair

Find top-quality Hydraulic Breaker Seal Kits at Borise for comprehensive component repair. Our seal kits are designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your hydraulic machinery. Explore our wide range of seal kits today!


◇ Our replacement seal kits can also be found for the follow types of components

● Boom cylinder seal kit
● Arm cylinder seal kit
● Bucket cylinder seal kit
● PILOP VALE seal kit
● Travel motor seal kit
● ADJ seal kit
● CENTER JOINT seal kit
● SWING MOTOR  seal kit

● CONTROL VALVE seal kit

 What are seal kits?

A seal kit is a combination of a variety of seals and components that are required to outfit a certain component or part of a machine (such as a hydraulic cylinder rebuild kits). Instead of purchasing the seals separately, you purchase the entire kit (as all seals should be replaced at the same time).
Seals come in a seemingly endless variety of different sizes and materials, which can get confusing! That is why it is important to partner with a shop that understands the requirements for various industries. With such a large selection of sealing options to choose from, you want to be certain you are choosing the best solution for you. By partnering with borise Supplies, you are getting the best option for you. This is because we are dedicated to finding the seal kit (made from the right materials and in the correct sizes) that works best for your equipment and application. It is the only way to ensure a longer lasting seal that will maximize your uptime and productivity.
Customized Sealing Kits Just for You
At borise Supplies, we offer complete kit customization. So, if we don’t have the exact products you require, borise Supplies has the ability to create custom machined seals in our machine shop. Don’t have a part number? Don’t sweat it! We can build new seals out of old parts or molds, regardless of whether you have a part number or not. With our detailed seal catalogs, we can build the perfect seal kit for your equipment needs.

 BORISE  Advantages

  1. We are manufacturers and product direct sales.
  2. More than 15 years of industry experience,and complete model
  3. Professional production technology, product good quality and Low price.
  4. Fast delivery and Support OEM/ODM order.
  5. Large Stock,more than 1 million pieces in stock.
6.We have the full range of mould size and stable and high quality production line.


  1. Wear resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance
    2. Using high-quality raw materials, strong sealing
    3. Smooth surface without burrs

 Seal kit for Excavator

    1. Boom cylinder seal kit,Arm cylinder seal kit;Bucket cylinder seal kit;main pump seal kit;Slewing motor seal kit,Travel motor seal kit and so on.


      Package Details:Carton,Wooden Case, or as Required Delivery.

      Transport: By air、sea,express mail, etc.



      We offer a three-month warranty, please feel free to contact us if you have any after-sales issues

Are you in need of reliable seal kits for your hydraulic machinery? Look no further than Borise for our premium Hydraulic Breaker Seal Kits. Our replacement seal kits offer a variety of seals and components, including Boomcylinder seal kit, Armcylinder seal kit, Bucket cylinder seal kit, and more. Each kit is carefully curated to ensure a seamless and efficient rebuild process, providing the perfect solution for your maintenance needs.What sets our seal kits apart is their superior quality and compatibility with a wide range of components, such as PILOP VALE seal kit, Travel motor seal kit, and CONTROL VALVE seal kit. Whether you are working on a hydraulic cylinder rebuild or need to replace seals in your hydraulic pump, our seal kits are designed to meet your specific requirements. Trust Borise for all your hydraulic machinery repair needs and experience the difference in performance and durability with our Hydraulic Breaker Seal Kits.

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